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Jeeva Bhavana

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Based in Pune (Maharashtra), Jeeva Bhavana is a pan-Indian, solutions-based NGO whose mission is to study the deleterious effects (health, environmental, economic) of animal-based agriculture in India and to assist farmers in their transition to organic, plant-based agriculture in order to create a sovereign and sustainable food system where all life is respected and thrives.

Jeeva Bhavana  also conducts workshops, film screenings and talks to educate the public about the health and environmental benefits of adopting a whole plant-based diet. The recent and tragic outbreak and spread of Covid-19 is a case in point of the benefits of excluding animal-based food from our diet and of embracing foods made from plants as a means to boosting our immune system and reducing the overall prospects of developing chronic diseases that exacerbate the risks of fatalities if ever we do become contaminated and fall ill.

Jeeva Bhavana takes the adherence to ahimsa in our thoughts and deeds very seriously. Ahimsa – the ideal of non-harm –  is our guiding light and can only be achieved by aligning our actions with our core values. We take pride in calling ourselves “vegan environmentalists,” for it captures the very essence of our vision: a world in which all life is respected and protected; a world where justice for animals, humans and the environment is the rule and not the exception; and a world where we all recognize, celebrate and safeguard the symbiotic and life-affirming relationships between humankind, our animal-kin and nature.

Appreciating the efforts that many individuals and groups are already accomplishing and recognizing the knowledge and experience of dedicated activists, experts and professionals, Jeeva Bhavana wishes to federate all those individuals, groups, institutions and organizations who share our vision and are aligned with our values. We firmly believe that only if we are united will we succeed in driving forward the transformations that we all yearn for.

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