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SHARAN (Sanctuary for Health and Reconnection to Animals and Nature) is an organisation devoted to spreading awareness about holistic health and an ecologically sustainable compassionate lifestyle. We believe that all life on the planet is interconnected. By reconnecting we can heal ourselves and the earth.

Our mission is to help you regain an optimal quality of life by guiding you to engage actively with your own health. We empower you to make long-term lifestyle changes that will make you as healthy as possible for the rest of your life.

Sadhana Forest

Sadhana Forest is an international, vegan, volunteer-based organization focused on creating long-term food security through environmental restoration. Globally, there are 133 million malnourished people living in arid areas who have private land but are not using it to grow food due to lack of water and agricultural knowledge. Sadhana Forest trains local people in India, Haiti and Kenya in the use of water-saving irrigation techniques and provides them with free seedlings to plant drought-resistant, indigenous, food-bearing trees around their homes. These indigenous food forests are well protected from cutting and animal grazing by their owners. Sadhana Forest won third prize at The Humanitarian Water and Food Awards in Denmark, 2010. Every year the organization’s India, Haiti, and Kenya centers host and train a total of over 1,500 volunteers, students, and interns from around 50 countries.

Sadhana Forest

Codes For A Healthy Earth

Codes for a Healthy Earth offers a foundational whole-system healing framework to support citizens in working together across national, cultural and ideological boundaries for radical system transformation and rapid social and ecological regeneration. The Codes provide a holistic compass for new, just and healthy ways of organizing ourselves as a species.
The first initiative towards the global adoption and implementation of Codes for a Healthy Earth are the proposals for a World Water Law and World Water Year 2021. The proposal for a World Water Law invites all of humanity to unite around the radical healing of the planetary Waters and Water cycle. This foundational Law works to ensure that all humans and animals have guaranteed access to natural, uncontaminated Water.

Jiviniti Coalition

Jiviniti Coalition is a women-led coalition seeking urgent policy change towards a plant forward, climate compassionate economy and international nutrition guidance founded upon a Whole Foods Plant Based approach to growing and eating our food. We are an international, equal opportunity coalition of women leaders and our coalition has written an Open Letter and an Online Petition requesting the incoming U.S. administration to take decisive action against industrialized animal agriculture amongst other things. Read our Open Letter here and sign our Petition here.

Jivinti Coalition Logo


The Inclusive Responsibility website gives a preview of the book Rethinking Food and Agriculture: New Ways Forward, edited by Amir Kassam and Laila Kassam. The book proposes ways to move beyond the current unsustainable exploitation of natural resources towards agroecological sustainability and overall sustainability of the food and agriculture system based on ‘inclusive responsibility’. The website shares extracts from each of the 20 chapters and provides information about each of the authors.

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