Dairy in India

Milk is NOT Healthy

Cow’s milk is literally a cocktail of pus, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and urea.


Pus and bacteria

Various means to increase milk production cause induration and infection of the udder (mastitis) resulting in pus and bacteria in the milk. Paratuberculosis bacteria causes Johne’s disease in cattle and is believed to cause Crohn’s disease, (an illness that causes uncontrollable diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting) in humans.

Due to intensive modern farming practices the US has the highest rate of Crohn’s ever recorded and the worst epidemic of Johne’s disease. In India overcrowding and poor sanitary conditions contribute to widespread tuberculosis amongst cows in city dairies.



Dairy farmers try to control the mastitis with huge doses of antibiotics, which also end up in the milk. Children are particularly vulnerable; these antibiotics inhibit the development of the immune system, and cause antibiotic resistance. Despite the antibiotics every glass of milk contains an estimated 1 – 7 drops of pus!



Pesticides used on the feeds for the animals are concentrated in their milk and meat. The ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) researched milk for 7 years taking 50,000 samples from across India. They found large amounts of DDT, and HCH (an antibiotic that is routinely given to the cows in their feed). Under the food adulteration act only 0.01 mg/kg of HCH is allowed. They found 5.7 mg/kg on an average in milk. In India some pesticide levels can be as high as 570 times the permissible levels! They also found arsenic, cadmium and lead. These cause kidney damage, heart disease, brain damage and cancer.



In India, milkmen dissolve urea (from fertilizer shops) or earthworms in the milk to prevent it from curdling since the trucks for transporting the milk are not refrigerated. The result: every glass of milk is a cocktail composed of 1 or more of the following – pus, antibiotics, pesticides, urea, and hormones!



Growth hormones in milk can lead to diabetes and obesity. Also it is a known statistic, that the countries with highest milk consumption have highest rates of osteoporosis. Estrogen and progesterone in milk can promote breast and prostate cancers.


Plastic and batteries

In most places here in India, cows eat from the garbage cans. This includes lead batteries, plastic bags and other toxic substances that translate as poisons in the milk. A recent survey found all the cows with plastic in their rumens, and a documentary has been made on this called ‘Plastic Cow’.


~ Dr. Nandita Shah, Founder and Director of SHARAN.


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