• Climate Healers, the NGO founded and directed by Dr. Sailesh Rao. 
  • Our World in Data is a scientific online publication that focuses on large global problems such as disease, hunger, climate change and existential risks. The research team is based at the University of Oxford.
  • Truth or Drought, a healthier planet begins on your plate.
  • Water Footprint Network, for sustainable, fair and efficient use of freshwater resources worldwide.
  • A Well-Fed World, plant-based solutions to global hunger and climate change.  
  • Plant Based Data, resource bank with peer-reviewed articles on the  environment, health and zoonosis.
  • Video about a community of farmers and urban gardeners who are learning to grow varieties of seasonal and local foods in their kitchen gardens.
  • Sadhana Forest is an international, vegan, volunteer-based organization focused on creating long-term food security through environmental restoration.
  • Rethinking Food and Agriculture: New Ways Forward, edited by Amir Kassam and Laila Kassam,  reviews, reassesses and reimagines the current food and agriculture system and explores the critical importance of a global transition to a vegan diet.





  • A Well-Fed World, plant-based solutions to global hunger and climate change.  
  • The Abolitionist Approach, distinguished law professor Gary L. Fancione’s website, promoting the abolition of all animal use and exploitation. 
  • Green Vegans is a solutions-oriented vegan environmental and justice organization that sees human behavior—our human ecology—as both the cause and cure for the most important issues of our time: environmental destruction; loss of biodiversity; climate change; human overpopulation; social and economic injustice, and unsustainable economic systems. 





Vegan Sustainability is a free, quarterly, online magazine rooted in a non-violent ethos and compassion for all living beings, promoting a sustainable lifestyle that meets human’s needs without compromising the ability of other species to meet their needs for present and future generations.  While having a solutions-oriented, positive, and compassionate outlook we are not afraid to shine a light on the underlying causes of the current global biodiversity crisis.  We present scientific research, policy, and stories to inspire a life rooted in kindness, joy and peacefulness.

The World Water Law is a proposal that invites all of humanity to unite around the radical healing of the planetary waters and water cycle. This foundational law works to ensure that all humans and animals have guaranteed access to natural, uncontaminated water. It holds each and every individual, organization, business, sector and government fully accountable for their impact on water. Ultimately, the World Water Law activates a whole-system healing response that addresses many of the root causes of our escalating global challenges. The World Water Law is the first initiative towards the global adoption and implementation of Codes for a Healthy Earth.

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